Maben Canal Encasement Project – Phase III


The proposed Project is located in Nevada County, west of Highway 49 (Grass Valley Highway) as shown in Figure 1 (link to the right of this page under “Project Map”). Access is on Lime Kiln Road beginning approximately 300 feet west of Vintage Drive (approximately 0.3 miles west of Hwy 49).


The proposed Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Maben Canal Encasement Project – Phase III (Project) will relocate water from the existing canal into an 18-inch pipeline placed within the Lime Kiln roadway. The total length of the pipeline is approximately 1,625 feet (for this phase). The project will include bypassing a portion of the Kyler Canal up to Retrac Way crossing.  An additional extension of an 8-inch treated drinking water pipeline is included in this project. There are currently seven existing raw water customers getting water from the two canals that will be connected to the new pipeline.  Ten property owners will be given the opportunity to connect to the new 8-inch treated drinking water line. The goal and purpose of the Project is to increase the reliability and capacity of the raw water system, and to eliminate maintenance and access issues related to the canal on private properties.

The project design is completed and will be constructed in the spring and summer of 2019.

Links to the right of this page under “Project Documents” provide further information.