Greenhorn Sediment Removal Project

Project Description. The Nevada Irrigation District (NID), acting as Lead Agency under the
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
for the Greenhorn Sediment Removal at Rollins Reservoir Project (Project). The objectives of the
Project are as follows:

  • Restore and maintain the historic water storage capacity in the Greenhorn Arm of Rollins
    Reservoir and prevent further migration of suspended sediment from this arm into the main
  • Maintain the water storage capacity in the Greenhorn Arm of Rollins Reservoir in perpetuity
    by conducting annual sediment maintenance activities to remove accumulated sediments
    which could enter the main reservoir during storm water flows.
  • Restore recreational opportunities in the Greenhorn Arm of Rollins Reservoir through the
    removal of accumulated sediment thereby increasing water depth and improving aquatic
    habitat and boating access.
  • Economically dispose of the sediment removed from the Greenhorn Arm of Rollins

The EIR will evaluate the environmental impacts of the Project and identified alternatives. Additional
information about the Project is presented in Attachment A. This Notice of Preparation (NOP) is
also available for review at the following locations: NID’s Business Center, 1036 West Main Street,
Grass Valley, CA; NID’s website:; and the Nevada County Clerk’s office.

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