Treated Water Emergency

Reporting Water System Problems

While NID keeps close watch on its water systems, the district relies on citizens to report any emergencies they may encounter, such as broken water main lines, damaged flumes or overflowing canals. If you become aware of an emergency, please call the district immediately at one of these numbers:

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Business Hours Emergency, (530) 273-6185
  • After-Hours Emergency, (530) 273-3346

Your Home Water System

You should know where your water shutoff valve is. With this knowledge, you can quickly turn off your water supply in an emergency. Customers should remember that while NID is responsible for the public water system, individual customers are responsible for private water systems on their side of the water meter.

For treated water customers, shutoff valves are usually located just inside the water meter and/or where the water supply line enters the home. Additional valves are often located at sinks, toilets, washing machines and other fixtures.