Table Meadows Project

Table Meadows Pipeline Project (DFWLE and Option 3)


The Project is located in an unincorporated area of southern Nevada County, within a mile south and southwest of Lake of the Pines. The Project area includes portions of the following roads: Combie Road, Table Meadow Road, Ramada Way, China Hollow Road, Scooter Bug Lane, and Rodeo Flat Road.


New 8” and 10” distribution and transmission pipeline to provide treated water service to landowners within the NID service area in response to landowner requests. A portion of the overall project will be under the District Financed Waterline Extension (DFWLE) program that includes Combie Road, Table Meadow, and Ramada Way; the remainder defined as Option 3. The total length of pipe for both projects is approximately 2.7 miles. The pipeline will be located within County right-of-way and utility easements.


The project is currently being constructed and is anticipated to be in service by August 2017. Teichert Construction is currently using two crews to install the pipe at two separate locations. The District’s inspector for the project is Tony Moscini.


For any questions, you may call the Project Manager, Adrian Schneider, at 530 271-6839.

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