Rattlesnake Water Line Extension

Installing 2850 feet of treated waterline within Wheeler Cross Road and within portion of Rattlesnake Road. This waterline is being installed to provide water service to multiple residential parcels as part of the District Waterline Extension Program. The waterline is also part of a master-planned waterline along Rattlesnake Road to provide water delivery, reliability and water quality improvements for the existing treated water system. A portion of this project is being paid for by the property owners along the waterline alignment that will be receiving treated water service. This project involves installing treated waterline within the existing County right of way and repaving the road lane that the waterline was installed. This project will also include replacing the existing culvert on Rattlesnake Road. The project was determined to be a statutory exemption and a Notice of Exemption was recorded with the County of Nevada. Due to the length and nature of the project (being constructed within existing paved roadways), it was determined to be a linear underground project and therefore a SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) was not required. The contractor will still follow and adhere to the Storm Water Handbook BMPs.

Due to the narrow width of the roadways, traffic will be delayed for 20 minute intervals. It is highly recommended that drivers utilize alternate routes to avoid being delayed. A weekly construction schedule is available on this website so that drivers will be aware of where the construction work is taking place.

For March 4th through March 8th, contractor will be installing pipeline along Rattlesnake Road. The contractor may also be installing services and hydrants on Rattlesnake Road. There is a potential for wet weather during the week which may impact the contractor’s ability to work. It is recommended that alternative routes be used to avoid the construction zone if possible.

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