Mt. Vernon Road Siphon Project

The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has completed the construction of a 24-inch siphon (water pipeline) to convey irrigation water to existing and future customers. The project was completed by October 2012. This project is part of NID’s Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) program. The new water pipeline will now convey irrigation water that typically flowed through a section of the Combie Ophir IV Canal. This section of canal has very limited access for ditch maintenance. This new raw water pipeline is expected to reduce overall maintenance costs, reduce erosion and the potential for spill, and enhance safe carrying capacity during the peak summer months. Flows in the Combie Ophir IV canal are typically between 10 and 21 cubic feet per second (cfs). As part of this new pipeline, water levels in the existing canal will be reduced over the next three years. Use of this reach of canal will be phased out and may be filled in and abandoned. The existing canal runs through a rural residential setting.

The District is now conducting flow tests on the system, to determine what increases in flows can be realized through the remaining portions of the canal with the new pipe in service. When a new (increased) flow is determined, the Board of Directors will then determine and/or approve the increase. If the Board approves the increase in water flows in the canal, letters will then be sent out to those customers that have previously expressed interest on getting irrigation water service. The District anticipates sending out notification letters to customers by Spring 2012 stating the availability of irrigation water.

The project is located in unincorporated Placer County, northwest of the City of Auburn. Access is provided by Atwood Road, Mt. Vernon Road, and Vista Roble Drive (private road).


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