Alta Sierra – Lake of the Pines Intertie Project


The Proposed Project is located in an unincorporated area of southern Nevada County, between Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines. The Project area includes portions of the following roads: East Hacienda, Pioneer Way, Salt Creek Drive, Conestoga Drive, Lodestar Drive, and Brewer Road.


New 12” treated water transmission and distribution pipeline to provide treated water service to landowners within the NID service area in response to landowner requests. Additionally, the Project will allow the connection between two NID water systems, the Lake of the Pines system, and the Alta Sierra system. The Proposed Project will enable NID to meet the community’s existing potable water demands during winter months. Implementation of the Project will also enable NID to meet future treated water supply demands.


The first phase of this pipeline has been completed from Magnolia Road to the intersection of Pioneer Way and Salt Creek Road.

The second phase of the project was constructed on Brewer Road beginning ¾ of a mile north of Wolf Creek Road and extending South to the intersection with Loadstar Drive. Construction was completed in spring 2016.

The third phase of the project is the Lodestar-Conestoga Pipeline which connected the first two pipeline segments. This project extended from Brewer Road and Lodestar Drive to Conestoga Drive and Salt Creek Road. Construction was completed in September 2017.

The final phase of the project is the installation of a regulating valve station located on E. Hacienda Drive. This would allow for automated versus manual service of the intertie.  Construction is anticipated to start February 2019 and be completed September 2019.

For any questions, you may call the Project Manager, Tonia M. Tabucchi Herrera, at 530-271-6815.