Locksley Lane Intertie Project

Locksley Lane Intertie Project

NID and the PCWA serve their respective water customers in the north Auburn area of Placer County, California through separate sources of supply, storage, and distribution systems. Agency service area boundaries are adjacent to one another in the Locksley Lane area of north Auburn. PCWA and NID each operate and maintain distribution system pipelines that are generally operated as separate standalone systems. The project will link the systems to provide emergency water supply for PCWA’s and NID’s water systems.

The Project would operate on an as-needed bases maintaining closed valves on each agency’s water system that will be on standby for emergencies only. In the event of a water supply emergency that would interrupt normal supply such as an extreme water demand related to a fire, distribution system break, or problem at a water treatment plant reducing available supply, the proposed interconnection could be manually opened to supplement the system suffering the problem in order to maintain system pressures and adequate water supply. Because of the two different system pressures, PCWA can feed NID’s system without pumping by opening pressure reducing valves. Should NID need to feed PCWA’s system in an emergency, pumping would be required to feed PCWA’s needs assuming standard pressures are required. This would be done through two separate connections (fire hydrants would serve as pump connections). Approximately 230 feet of new 8-inch diameter below-ground piping is required to link the two agencies water systems. The intertie structure would be above ground utilizing a space of approximately 11 by 15 feet. The above-ground piping and valving would be covered by a rectangular structure for insulation and security purposes.

Final adoption of the CEQA Document – Negative Declaration was accomplished on the October 23, 2013 NID Board of Director’s meeting. Construction may begin in 2015.

Contact Adrian Schneider at the District for questions related to the project.

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