Cunningham Siphon Realignment Project

Project Description PhotoThe Cunningham Siphon is part of the Rattlesnake Canal system, which delivers raw water to Nevada Irrigation District customers through a series of pipelines and open canals. Sections of pipeline and canal that are being replaced as part of this project are located east of Dog Bar Road, between Wheeler Cross Road and Alta Sierra Drive, in Nevada County

The project will replace the portion of aged and unreliable techite pipe between Rogue House Place and Alta Sierra Drive with a new 24-inch diameter line. This line will be constructed along a new alignment, which will tie-in to existing pipe on Rogue House Place, extend to and down a private driveway (14398 Dog Bar Road), and then run to the east edge of the roadway to a point where the existing Cunningham Siphon Pipeline crosses under Dog Bar Road, a distance of approximately 3,680 feet. The canal will be replaced with a 10-inch pipeline that will be connected to the existing services. Encasing the canal within a pipe will eliminate erosion problems related to the open channel flow, and allow for better access to this area.

The existing pipe and canal will remain in service while the new 24-inch pipeline is constructed. Once this construction is completed, the pipeline will be connected and placed into service to begin conveying water downstream. The existing techite pipeline that is being replaced and the canal will then be taken out of service. The canal will be rehabilitated and the new 10-inch pipeline will be constructed along with services connections. This pipeline will be approximately 1,150 feet. The techite pipeline being replaced will be removed and disposed, and the location in which the pipeline was removed will be rehabilitated.

The current flow of approximately 7 cfs as well as future flows will be accommodated with construction of the new 24-inch pipeline and 10-inch service lateral. Aging and reliability issues associated with the existing techite pipeline that is being replaced and erosion issues related to open channel flow in the existing canal will be greatly reduced and/or eliminated.

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