Combie Phase I Canal and Bear River Siphon Replacement Project

Nevada Irrigation District’s Combie Phase 1 Canal and Bear River Siphon Replacement Project involves the installation of a pipeline within the existing footprint of the Combie Phase 1 Canal (Nevada County) and the addition of an aerial siphon parallel to the Bear River Siphon that would be a maximum of 54-inches in diameter (footings in Nevada and Placer Counties). Therefore, the Project area is primarily located in Nevada County at approximately 1,550-feet in elevation, where the Combie Phase 1 Canal extends approximately 9,100 linear feet in length. The Bear River Siphon spans the border of Nevada and Placer Counties and therefore, has one footing and approximately 200 feet of connection piping (to Combie Ophir) located in Placer County. The Combie Phase 1 Canal and Bear River Siphon are the primary water conveyance mechanism from Combie Reservoir to NID’s downstream conveyance infrastructure for agriculture in southern Nevada and western Placer Counties. It also supplies some treated water in Lake of the Pines and North Auburn communities.

Installation of the 54-inch aerial siphon was completed in July of 2018 and is now in service.  The next phase of construction, which involves replacement of the existing canal with a 96-inch reinforced concrete pipe, will be constructed during the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 fall and winter seasons.  The Board awarded the construction contract with Steve P. Rados Inc. at the February 27, 2019 board meeting.