Banner Cascade Pipeline Project

The historic Lower Cascade Canal cannot provide the projected demand for water.

Construction of the Banner Cascade Pipeline Project facilitates the transport of raw water from the end of the Upper Cascade pipeline to the raw water canals below the E. George and Loma Rica Treatment Facilities. These canals convey raw water to NID’s irrigation customers and to both water treatment plants to be converted into drinking water serving residential customers in Grass Valley and Nevada City. A treated water pipeline with fire hydrants has also been included to further serve residents along the alignment.

These canals are over 100 years old, are difficult to maintain and upgrade, and cannot meet the projected demands for water within NID’s service area defined in accordance with the County’s General Plan. NID has experienced difficulty with- and has serious concerns about- the stability of the historic canal’s banks when regularly running at full capacity, as well as the reliability of continuing to provide raw water to current customers. A major canal failure would seriously impact NID’s customers. The decision to construct a new pipeline capable of conveying about 95 cfs as NID’s primary conveyance method will ensure continued raw water conveyance to current and future customers while also keeping the old canal in service as a local feeder at 2 to 10 cfs preserving it as a historical, cultural, scenic and recreational amenity.

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