Banner-Taylor Reservoir Restoration Project

The Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID’s) Banner-Taylor reservoirs located on Banner Lava Cap Road on Banner Mountain, approximately 2 miles southeast of Nevada City, in Nevada County, CA. The reservoirs are utilized as clear wells for the Elizabeth George Treatment plant and as main storage and emergency reserve for the E. George system. The existing two reservoirs are earthen and lined below and above with hypalon covers to protect the treated water quality. The reservoirs total approximately 4.75 acres and can hold 16.9 million gallons. The existing hypalon covers were installed at the site in 1992. Hypalon is a reinforced synthetic rubber manufactured in sheets of varying size by Du Pont. The reinforced flexible membrane material is manufactured by fusing polyester fabric between layers of synthetic rubber. Hypalon is specially formulated to resist bacterial growth and water treatment chemicals. However, the existing hypalon covers at the site are badly deteriorated and requiring replacement, with tears and seam separations and pinholes occurring throughout the cover and floats. They had an estimated service life of 20 years, yet these failures began showing up after only 15 years. Therefore, a reservoir integrity restoration/replacement project is necessary for the safe and continued operation of the facility.

The goal of this project is to replace the District’s existing hypalon covers with the installation of two storage concrete tanks and modification of existing onsite piping. The replacement tanks will be placed within the existing reservoir site.

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