School Presentation NID ambassadors Monica Reyes and Ken Hart are pictured with a 3rd grade class at Deer Creek Elementary School in Nevada City.

Presentations for Your School, Club or Organization

The Ambassador Team is made up of employees from departments throughout the district. Each participating employee has volunteered to be part of the Ambassador Program and has completed many hours of training and orientation on the district, its history, operations and role in the community.

Local schools, clubs and community organizations interested in learning more about NID, may contact the district to schedule an Ambassador presentation.

The Ambassador Program is part of NID’s ongoing strategic planning process. Its purpose is to help broaden public understanding and support of the district and its mission.

Presentation formats include:

  • Talks
  • Videos, Power Point
  • Water Literature
  • Conservation Tips
  • Tours of Water Treatment & Power Plants

NID Ambassadors

Telephone: (530)271-6823 (voicemail)