Community input makes the difference: thanks to all who have helped update NID’s Strategic Plan

December 11, 2019

The ink is nearly dry on the update to Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Strategic Plan, as members of the community have teamed up with elected Directors to craft the document that provides overall direction, establishes goals and sets priorities for the District.

More than 60 residents have participated during four two-hour workshops since September. In total, that’s about 480 workshop-hours of community involvement. The most recent meeting was held on Tuesday evening. December 10.

In a facilitated workshop format, NID customers and residents have given input about the District’s mission and how to express what the District wants to accomplish now and in the future. Directors will use these suggestions to form the final update to the Plan.

“We are so thankful for all the input,” said NID Assistant General Manager Greg Jones. “We’ve received such valuable information and so many tremendous suggestions from the community. We appreciate the community’s interest and contribution to help the Directors update the District’s Strategic Plan.”

Among the workshop participants was Debbie Porter, who has been an NID customer for more than 22 years and is the president of the Golden Oaks Homeowners Association, a community of 100 parcels in southern Nevada County: “I think it’s a really good idea to get public input. It’s important to have a balance of viewpoints and opinions.”

Here are the Strategic Plan draft statements, which Directors will review for adoption in January:

Mission Statement: The District will provide a dependable, safe, sustainable and resilient water supply while being good stewards of the watershed.

Vision Statement: NID will promote healthy watersheds and reliable infrastructure that support our environment, treated and raw water customers, power reliability and recreation to sustain our quality of life; now and in the future.

Value Statements:
• Safety: Safety is integrated into our culture and is the first priority among all aspects of our work.
• Fiscal: Operate the District Finances with strong fiscal responsibility and transparency to ensure that NID’s finances are spent on those activities that support the mission and vision of the District.
• Resources: Maintain healthy watersheds through the implementation of Best Management Practices in collaboration with our strategic partners.
• Customers – Make decisions that serve the best interests of District ratepayers.
• Employees: Maintain and foster a viable workforce through fair compensation packages and a stable work environment.
• Decision-making: Use the best available science to make informed management decisions. Engage collaboratively with staff, the scientific community, agricultural community, and the informed lay communities that we serve. Use generally accepted business practices in our planning and project development actions.
• Transparency: Inform, educate, listen to and collaborate with our communities in our endeavors and activities with honesty and integrity.

NID Directors and community members work together during the Dec. 10 workshop.

Learn more at the Strategic Plan webpage at Click here.

The public workshops were livestreamed – the video is available at NID’s YouTube channel. Click here.