NID joins “Imagine a Day without Water” to raise awareness about the value of water

October 22, 2019

Can you imagine a day without water? While many people take it for granted, daily access to clean, affordable water is not a guarantee.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Nevada Irrigation District (NID) joins elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators and businesses from across the country as part of the fifth annual Imagine a Day Without Water, a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water.

Water is essential for everything we do in life, from making a cup of coffee to fighting fires and growing crops. And although we can ponder the impacts of a day without water, NID is here to ensure we never must live a day without this vital resource. For nearly 100 years, NID has worked to provide a reliable supply of clean raw water to our agricultural customers and treated water to our household and business customers. Our commitment is to continue to deliver water to keep our community thriving.

Led by the Value of Water Campaign, a thousand organizations across the country are taking part in the national day of action to educate about the essential role water plays in all of our lives. These include public officials, business leaders, environmental organizations, community organizations and schools.

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