NID Delivers – No disruption in treated water service during power outages

October 10, 2019

According to plan, Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) operations and maintenance personnel continue to supply 100 percent of treated water demands without interruption during the unprecedented Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) period.

All NID treated water facilities have been operating on local generated power through this event, and most recently on restored PG&E power at the North Auburn Water Treatment Plant. NID’s water tanks remain full and we are at the highest state of ready for suppling the system.

“This may be the longest and most widespread power outage NID has seen – NID has activated our Incident Command and staff are working throughout the night to ensure our critical treatment facilities, pipes, and raw water canals are operating as planned,” said Greg Jones, NID’s Assistant General Manager.

Electricity is necessary in order to treat raw water to drinking water quality standards. When PG&E activated its PSPS, and power was cut to all six of NID’s treatment plants early Wednesday morning, the District immediately engaged its pre-designed backup remote power systems in order to maintain and operate system-wide pumps and water treatment plants.

All operational facilities and system functions continue uninterrupted under a coordinated incident command system, a standardized approach taken during an incident or emergency. As part of this structure, NID has been working closely with the Emergency Operation Centers at Placer County and Nevada County.

“Our backup generators are fueled, functioning, and have the ability to provide power supply until the anticipated conclusion of PG&E’s shutoff. NID personnel have been on heightened alert and have responded efficiently to ensure operations are stable,” said NID’s Operations Manager Chip Close, who also in the District’s Incident Commander.

In addition to the water treatment plants, power was cut to the District’s hydroelectric operations, recreation facilities and business offices.

NID business offices remain open during normal business hours.

NID campgrounds are open for the holiday weekend, although as of Wednesday morning, there is no power or treated water available.

Finally, NID’s hydroelectric facilities remain on standby until requested by PG&E for startup and generation load.

Please continue to check NID’s website for updates to the treated and irrigation water systems and to find out more of how NID is committed to delivering water for food, for play, for life.