Another summer irrigation season comes to an end

October 15, 2019

Since the 1920s, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has brought pure water from the high mountains to the ranches and farms of the drier Sierra foothills. During those many decades, the steady source of irrigation water has helped grow our region’s agricultural economy.

Today, Placer County agriculture is worth $72 million and Nevada County is worth $26.5 million, based on the 2018 Crop Reports for each county.

Another successful NID summer irrigation season is coming to a close this week for about 5,400 raw water customers who irrigate more than 31,000 acres in Nevada and Placer counties.

Most raw water users purchase their raw water on a seasonal basis – the primary six-month irrigation season normally runs from Apr. 15 through Oct. 14.

Here’s how it works: snowmelt is collected on a 70,000-acre Sierra watershed, stored and routed through a system of mountain and foothill reservoirs and hundreds of miles of canals on its way to NID customers. As the water flows past individual properties, users tap the water to irrigate their ranches, farms, vineyards and orchards.

Check NID’s website to learn more about irrigation water systems and to find out more of how NID is committed to delivering water for food, for play, for life.