Strategic Plan Update: Thank you for the valuable input

September 4, 2019

NID’s Board of Directors

Thanks to those in the community who last night offered valuable input to help update the Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Strategic Plan, which provides a mission statement, as well as goals and ways to meet District objectives.

About 25 people turned out for a Sept. 3 public workshop to learn more about the plan and offer suggestions to NID Directors, who are overseeing the update and will approve the final document.

On Tuesday evening, Facilitator Carol Scofield led an interactive two-hour discussion to help fine-tune the District’s mission statement and begin crafting a vision statement and list of values. Directors listened to suggestions by the public about what they would like to see in the existing mission statement and how to express what the District wants to accomplish now and in the future. Directors will solidify wording during a second workshop on Sept. 17.

Facilitator Carol Scofield led the community discussion.

The existing District mission states: The District will provide a dependable, quality water supply; continue to be good stewards of the watersheds, while conserving the available resources in our care.

The current Plan also identifies four main District goals. They are:
• The continued health of the District is dependent upon the proactive management of our physical, financial, and human resources.
• Stewardship of District resources requires a collaborative and responsive relationship with our Local and Regional community.
• Developing and managing our resources in a self-determining manner protects and provides for local control of our community’s most valuable assets – a fairly priced and available water supply.
• Integration of proven practices and technologies enhances efficiency and reliability throughout the District.

The current Strategic Plan remains in effect until it is updated and adopted by the Board of Directors.

Please join us for the second workshop on Sept. 17, from 6-8 NID’s main office, 1036 W. Main Street in Grass Valley. The meeting will be livestreamed.

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