NID Board of Directors meeting wrap: Directors amend budget to achieve a 5 percent Districtwide savings

July 25, 2019

While amending the District’s 2019 budget to achieve a five percent savings, NID Directors agreed to keep a discount intact for agricultural customers, during their July 24 meeting. Present were President Scott Miller, Vice President Ricki Heck, Chris Bierwagen, Laura Peters and Nick Wilcox.

In a review of the 2019 amended budget, Directors discussed details of reductions to the operating budgets of each District department. Overall, the five percent goal was achieved districtwide.

During the discussion, Directors acknowledged the importance of the NID’s agricultural customers, and agreed to retain a five percent discount for early application to seasonal irrigation service.

The District’s budget amendment was requested after the Board established new water rates on April 24, 2019. Because the adopted rates were less than what were recommended in the Water Cost of Service Study, an amendment to the revenue reflecting the loss of income was needed. At that time, the Board directed the General Manager to reduce the operating budgets of all departments by five percent.

Read the resolution here.
Read the 2019 Amended Budget staff report here.

The next regular meeting of the NID Board of Directors will be held at 9 a.m. on August 14, 2019 at the NID Business Center located at 1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley. NID Board meetings are open to the public.