Thank you to all who attended the NID water rates public meeting

April 4, 2019

Thank you to those attending the April 3 NID public meeting to discuss proposed changes in water rates. We appreciate the comments and questions during the informational workshop, held from 6-8 pm at the Nevada County Rood Center and livestreamed by the Nevada County Digital Media Center.

The workshop was a continuation of NID’s efforts to present an opportunity for customers to learn more about water operations, interact with District staff, and understand California’s Prop. 218 rate-setting process.

The proposed changes to water rates are based on a Cost of Service Study, which has determined a rate structure to best serve the needs of the District and services it provides, as well as recommendations made by the Water Rates Committee, a 10-member customer-based stakeholder engagement group.

On February 13, the Board of Directors accepted the Cost of Service Study and began the rate-setting process that includes a 45-day public review and comment period.

Article XIII D of the California Constitution allows customers to file a written protest to the proposed rates. Written protests must be filed with the District at or before the end of a public hearing on April 24. If the District receives written protests representing a majority of affected parcels, the proposed rate changes will not be implemented.

What’s next? On April 24, Directors will conduct a public hearing to listen to public comment. The Board will consider proposed adjustments to water rates and may adopt rate changes.

For more information, visit the NID water rate webpage.

View and download the April 3 presentation (PDF format) here.