Retiring Directors Weber and Drew honored by Board of Supervisors

December 12, 2018

Nevada County supervisors honored retiring Nevada Irrigation District Directors Nancy Weber and John Drew during the county board’s Dec. 11 meeting.

Nancy Weber was acknowledged for her 20 years of dedicated service. Supervisor Heidi Hall, District I, sponsored her Certificate of Recognition

John Drew was acknowledged for his 16 years of dedicated service. Supervisor Ed Scofield, District II, sponsored his Certificate of Recognition.

Nancy’s Certificate reads, in part:

“The Nevada County Board of Supervisors takes great pleasure in recognizing Nancy Weber for her twenty years of dedicated service to Nevada County, Nevada City, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) and to the community at large.

During her twenty-year tenure at NID, Nancy has been an innovator and notable leader in NID’s nearly 100 years of history. Nancy has led as a voice for the local communities she served, including spearheading two major water line extension projects for the Cement Hill and Banner Mountain areas, providing safe drinking water for over 400 residents, who, prior to Nancy’s advocacy were unserved.

Nancy’s leadership began, years ago, with prioritizing and caring for the source of our pristine water resources as an advocate and strong voice for our watersheds. She worked as a driving force behind creating NID’s first watershed program that remains active today and continues to make a difference in the health of our watersheds and forests alike. She also helped lead NID to create an innovative Vegetation Management Program, striving to seek alternatives to the use of herbicides along the 450 miles of NID open canals. Both of these programs were implemented thanks to the leadership of Nancy Weber.

Nancy also served as a champion to further NID’s transparency with the community and tenaciously worked for both live streaming and video archiving to keep the public informed of NID’s actions and policies. Nancy’s many accomplishments and endless dedication to our community and watershed will leave an indelible mark of lasting leadership on our community and watershed for generations to come.”

John’s Certificate reads, in part:

“John Drew has served the community as a member of the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors for 16 years. He served as the District’s Board President on 4 separate occasions. John’s focus has always incorporated all aspects of the District and its community members, regardless of their location. He has given his significant expertise, earned during lengthy public service to both Nevada City and Sacramento County, in the management of water infrastructure freely.

As a lifelong farmer, John has given more than just his time, he has provided for the community’s nourishment. It is in that vein that he has taken part in leading the District through these many years. Always looking forward, John has worked tirelessly for the current generation and prepared for future generations.

John’s continual advocation for the environment and the protection of all who benefit from NID’s operations, both flora and fauna, has been steadfast. As evidenced in his continued call for the control of striped bass in the Delta in an effort to support salmon recovery, an effort that started, in part, with his work at the Sacramento Regional Sanitation District.

John was key to bringing Bear River Pines into the NID and making significant improvements to their domestic water system. He signed for water rights for the Centennial Reservoir, an effort to protect our community’s water supplies, and has been a strident voice for the need for additional storage. He has also been instrumental in developing NID’s forestry and vegetation management programs. Leaning on his experience in the sciences and farming practices John lead efforts to create, improve and expand NID’s understanding and work practices.”

Pictured: Dan Miller, Richard Anderson, John Drew, Ed Scofield, Heidi Hall and Hank Weston.


Pictured: Dan Miller, Richard Anderson, Nancy Weber, Heidi Hall, Ed Scofield and Hank Weston.