Plan for Water: public workshops generate hundreds of ideas

December 13, 2018

pfw-logoThe first two Plan for Water workshops drew people from all sectors of our community who offered hundreds of ideas about how to shape our water future.

Both public input workshops, Dec. 1 in Grass Valley and Dec. 10 in Auburn, featured small break-out groups so participants could discuss priorities pertaining to long-term planning of water resources with the Nevada Irrigation District.

Key themes generated from the first input session, which drew more than 70 people, included:

  • Long-term, comprehensive water plan with local and regional planning for equable water sustainability
  • Increased consumer education that leads to shared responsibility for resource management
  • Baseline common understanding of water use coupled with transparent science and a data-driven process.

Key themes generated from the second input session, which drew about 45 people, included:

  • Increased watershed resource management with community involvement
  • Protect local community (reservoir maintenance, forest management, local agriculture, recreation, energy and economic growth)
  • Best practices for water conservation with education and incentives.

Read the full lists of community input here:

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