Rock Creek Siphon Project


The proposed Project is located in Placer County, in the northern portion of the City of Auburn, as shown in Figure 1 and 2 (link to the right of this page under “Project Map”).  Access is from Locksley Lane or Shale Ridge Road approximately ¼ mile east of Highway 49.


The proposed Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Rock Creek Siphon Project (Project) would allow NID to convey water from the Combie Ophir II Canal to Rock Creek Reservoir, as well as turnout to the NID North Auburn Water Treatment Plant (WTP).  The Project involves the installation of a gravity pipeline to interconnect the existing Combie Ophir II Canal to Rock Creek Reservoir. The goal and purpose of the Project is to increase the reliability of the raw and treated water systems in the North Auburn area providing an increased level of service and fire protection.  The proposed pipeline will not increase the existing system capacity and is intended only for reliability.  Specifically, the proposed siphon connection will provide water for deliveries for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) which owns and operates Rock Creek Reservoir and Placer County Water Agency, which delivers water to much of western Placer County, in case of an outage upstream in these two agencies raw water source, the Bear River Canal.

Final adoption of the CEQA Document – Negative Declaration was accomplished on the May 14, 2014 NID Board of Director’s meeting.  Design of the pipeline is underway and is approximately 50% complete.  Easements and permitting are being initiated.  The anticipated start date for construction is after April 2015.



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